FAQ for Publishers

General questions

What is Adpump?

Adpump is a global performance marketing network with the aim of bringing the best possible results to both advertisers and affiliates. Being on the market for more than 7 years we have gained enough expertise in the verticals we specialize in: e-commerce, travel, education, food delivery, finance & insurance, surveys etc.

What makes Adpump different from other networks?

What do I need to become an Adpump publisher?

To become an Adpump publisher you will need to have some traffic source: it may be your personal website, blog or an ad network (if you partner with them). It’s great if you have experience in affiliate marketing and working with the offers. If not, you can always learn it by working with our offers.

Where to start?

How to work with offers?

How do I start working with Adpump?

On our website in the top right corner you will see the ‘Sign Up’ button. Hit it and fill out the form, giving the details of who you are and describe how you see your partnership with Adpump. Our managers will contact you once you complete your registration.

Do I have to pay to work with Adpump?

No, you do not have to pay any additional fees or make deposits before starting working with Adpump. Once you register and set up your account, you can work with Adpump.

How do I set up my account?

After you register, you will have to confirm your registration via a link in your email. Once you get access to your account on our platform, you need to fill out the information on who you are, what verticals you work with and the payment method you prefer. You will also need to add your traffic source, so that our managers see where your traffic is coming from.

How do I do a technical setup?

We provide you with different options: you can integrate via postback (local or global) or via API. All the necessary details can be found on our platform, and your personal manager can also walk you through the process.

What do I do if I have several websites/different sources of traffic?

This is very common, so all you will need to do is to add more sources of traffic in your account. Make sure you use an appropriate source for each offer.

How do I start working with brands?

On the platform you will see the ‘Offers’ section. There you can browse all of our offers and sort them by verticals, types of traffic, GEOs. When you choose the offer you want to work with, you need to apply to it using the button ‘Request Access’ (if the offer is on the ‘Individual status’) or ‘Connect’ (if the offer is open for everyone). To apply to the campaign, you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the offer, provide all relevant information on your sources of traffic and experience.

Where do I find creatives for the campaign?

When you get the access or connect to the offer, you can find all the available creatives there: banners, coupon codes, HTML kits. If you need additional creatives, reach out to the manager.

Can I create a deeplink?

Yes, you can, if the advertiser has this feature (not all advertisers can provide this due to technical reasons). In your account you will see if the offer allows creating deeplinks and create them there.

Where can I monitor my campaign?

We have a specifically designed ‘Statistics’ page where you can see statistics on all of your current campaigns. You can sort it also with the names of offers, dates, countries, landing pages etc. There you will also see if your conversions were approved/rejected or still pending.

What is level and how to get higher level?

There are 3 Levels in the Adpump system:

What if something goes wrong?

In case something goes wrong or doesn’t work, please submit a ticket on the dashboard.


How soon will I get my first payment?

You can request payment once your conversions were validated by the advertiser. The process can take from 40 to 60 days approximately (depending on the advertiser). After the leads you generated were approved, you will get paid within 5-10 working days.

How do I get paid?

To get paid you will need to make a payment request. You can do this on the “Finance” page in your account. Add a wallet (which is your preferred method of payment) and then make a request. You can also get paid automatically once or twice a month via wire transfer. Threshold for wire transfer is $500.

How long does it take to get paid after my conversions are approved?

In general, you can get your payment after 5-10 days after the validation. Some offers have some hold period (due to advertiser’s policy and payment process), which can take a bit longer. But don’t worry, we will try to pay you as quickly as possible.

How often do I get paid?

You can set up weekly payments, so your payments will be automatically processed each week. Or you can manually request payments every two-three weeks.

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