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First Transfer: $7.7 (including Remitly iOS App and Remitly Android App)
Valuta: USD
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7.7 $ maximum 60 days
30 days Nincs adat


All countries, except: Fehéroroszország, Oroszország, Ukrajna


Remitly is transforming the global remittances industry by providing fair, high-quality financial services to immigrants sending money across the world. We believe that immigrants deserve opportunities that empower them to lead better financial lives

Payout Adjustments:
Order Total less than $100 - decrease payout by 100%

  • 60nap
    feldolgozás időszaka
  • 4.5M
    felhasználó havonta
  • 100$
    egy előfizetőre jutó átlagos árbevétel
  • 3%
  • Send money online faster and more securely from the US with Remitly.
  • Discover our great exchange rates and low transfer fees.
  • Every transfer carries a delivery promise: we deliver on time, or you get your money back.

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