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Skillshare is an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class. Skillshare was started to close the professional skills gap and provide universal access to high-quality learning. By teaching the skills needed in tomorrow’s world, Skillshare empowers people to advance their careers, improve their lives, and pursue the work they love.

ATTENTION! IN ARTICLES USE THE FOLLOWING PHRASING FOR PROMOTION: Use this link to get a free 2-Week trial of Skillshare Premium Membership

Attention! Skillshare does not allow partners to engage in paid search marketing that directs a customer directly to any Skillshare domain.

Payout applies to the initial transaction only of return customers

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News dell'offer:

  • {data} , {ora} No Monthly subscription for SkillShare_WW

    We have an important update regarding the Skillshare platform and user experience. Starting now, we no longer offer a monthly subscription plan. Here’s what you need to know:

    • Your unique tracking link will now only allow users to purchase an annual subscription.
    • You’ll continue to receive commssion of the annual subscription fee paid by the user.
    • Monthly subscriptions are no longer available on our website.


    The free trial sign up is no longer non-commisionable item!

    CPA Free trial - 3.8$ for each sign up!
    Hurry up to boost your payments for free trials with your customers!

  • {data} , {ora} Delays in displaying the statistics


    At the moment, we have delays in displaying the statistics due to technical problems.

    Everything will be fixed, and the statistics will be fully loaded in the nearest future.

  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Skillshare_WW changed CPA terms!

    The commission goes now for the first payment made by the user. Depending on the use of promocode it can reach 57.7% (see further details in the offer).

    Join & earn!

  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Skillshare_WW is live!

    Skillshare_WW is live again. 

    Join & earn!

  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Skillshare Suspended!

    Skillshare_WW has been temporarily suspended by the advertiser's request for a traffic check.

    Please, stop the traffic ASAP.

    We will let you know once the campaign is back liSorry for any inconvenience.

  • {data} , {ora} Attention! New Promotional Materials for Skillshare_WW!

    Check out new banners and landings added to Skillshare_WW. Make sure to use them while promoting!

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Increased commission for the use of promotion at Skillshare_WW!

    The commission for the actions brought while using promotion 91610 is $32.00 and $14.40 for promotion 90222  till May 31st.

    Use the opportunity to earn more with Skillshare_WW!

    Join & earn!

  • {data} , {ora} Attention! New Promotion at Skillshare_WW!

    Check out new promotion added for Skillshare_WW!

    The advertiser gives out a higher commission for the actions generated with the promo-code mentioned.

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Skillshare Globally Available!

    Skillshare is now available not only in the US but globally. Feel free to expand your traffic to other countries.

    Join & earn!

  • {data} , {ora} Attention! New Landing and Promotion at Skillshare!

    Dear publishers,

    Check out new landing launched specially for the new promotion from Skillshare.

    Use it in your promotion of the offer and earn more!

    The use of the promo-code presumes higher commission (CPA - $20).

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! Skillshare Increased CPA!

    Dear publishers,

    CPA for Skillshare has been increased, the commission is now $8 instead of $5.6.

    Join & earn!

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