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ManyChat is the #1 bot platform for Facebook Messenger. We grew 500% over the last 12 months by helping 500,000 small businesses connect in real time at scale with millions of customers. Affiliates earn 100% of the first 2 months of any Pro account.

We may cancel your application/conversions if we determine that your website is unsuitable for our program, including if:

1) It promotes sexually explicit content

2) It promotes violence

3) Promotes illegal activities

4) Promotes discrimination based on race, religion, sex, nationality, disability, age, or sexual orientation

5) Includes ManyChat or any variations or spellings in its name or domain name.

6) Includes any material which infringes on any copyright, trademark, or intellectual property

7) Your site is built in a manner that resembles ManyChat or leads customers to believe you are ManyChat or any another other affiliate company.

8) Affiliates that use, among other keywords or exclusively, keywords such as “ManyChat”, “”, and/or any other variations or misspellings and do not direct the traffic from such campaigns to their own website before redirecting to ManyChat will be considered trademark violators and will be banned from the ManyChat

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