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Björn Borg is a Swedish sports fashion brand founded in 1984. We train to live and we are building the The №1 Sports fashion brand for people who want to feel active and attractive. We believe, with our heritage, that we especially have a high credibility regarding our Padel & Tennis collection. Other collections are Outdoor Training, Sports Club, Centre collection, Borg Heroes, our Seamless collection and for kids – our Mini-me collection.

Underwear, mostly men’s, accounts for up to 60 % of Björn Borg sales with boxer shorts dominating the top selling list. Sports Apparel for him and her, accounts for more than 30% of  sales and is growing rapidly with our popular Seamless collection for her. We also sell a lot of swimwear for him, particularly in the summer, as well as shoes, socks and bags. Closer to Christmas we sell a lot of underwear for him (Christmas presents) and lounge wear.

Sale Periods: We have two bigger sales periods: the Winter sale that typically takes place in between Christmas Eve and the end of January, and the Summer sale  takes place from around mid June, till the end of August.

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