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Established in 2011, hype. began as a self-funded project, designing printed clothing and accessories. After winning a t-shirt printing competition, hype. Had its first batch of stock, which sold out in a matter of hours. Had started to evolve into one of the uk’s most recognisable brands. We’ve come a long way as a brand since just selling t-shirts. Our complete range now covers men, women and kids, and sells a lot more than just t-shirts and backpacks. We push ourselves as a lifestyle brand and our products include pretty much everything you can wear. 

Music is a big part of what we do, so that’s why we get involved with festivals. We’ve danced alongside our customers in the mountains at rise, and on a boat at shorebeach. Whether you were on the dance floor at our club night shorebitch, or in the pit at ghostfest, we were right there along side you. Our close connection with the customer drives our success, and the more that they’re a part of what we do, the more prosperous our products are.

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  • UK independent streetwear label
  • Extravagant designs
  • 25-34 aged are the 48,28% оf the audience

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    We are working with the client to resolve the outstanding payment issues. 

    Meanwhile we recommend removing JustHype UK promotional links from your website(s) until further notice.

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