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Leírás: is a competitive online fashion store providing a wide range of women clothing, accessories, etc at preferential prices. We would like to invite you who own a high-quality website to join our affiliate program.

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Affiliates MAY NOT bid on Rotita trademark terms on Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing including the
international versions of all three.
Affiliates MAY NOT use in the display URL at any PPC search engine or various
"content network" sections. Alternative spellings of our domain name are not permitted as well including
but not limited to,,, etc. See direct linking policy below
for additional information.
Affiliates are permitted to use Rotita trademarks in the URL to the right of the domain in the display URL.
Affiliates MAY NOT include "Official Site" or make representations that your advertisement is Rotita in
Affiliates are permitted to bid on Rotita + "term" on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Example - "Rotita coupons",
"Rotita coupon codes", etc.
You may bid on manufacturer specific terms although some manufacturers have blocked the use of their
terms on various search engines without prior permission.
Rotita terms include all of the following and any potential misspellings not shown here:
Ro tita
Roti ta

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  • 16/03/2023-n 13:06kor Rotita WW GEO expansion

    Now you can promote the brand globally.
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