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SignNow is a California-based e-signature solution with over 5.7 million daily users, mostly within the small and mid-sized business sectors. It offers a web-based e-signature platform and e-signature app for iOS and Android.

SignNow key functionalities include: multiple e-signing; in-person/in-store e-signing (known as Kiosk Mode); bulk sending; document templates; field mapping; shared folders for teams; document history and audit trail; secure storage for both templates and signed documents in a private cloud.

E-signing in SignNow is used across all sectors but primarily in insurance, healthcare, construction and design, sports management, event management and has become actively used by sales and project managers.

A growing project with almost 500 000 unique users monthly.
Over 2000 product purchase monthly.
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If there are more than 100 registrations, the payout increases up to 1,2$

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! 'SignNow US' program is online again!

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    In addition, the bonus from the advertiser: if there are more than 100 registrations, the payout increases up to 1,2$

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  • {data} , {ora} Attention! 'SignNow US' program is temporarily suspended!

    The offer is suspended till 12.12 by advertiser's request.

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