How to become a publisher?

It's very easy to become our publisher.
You can have your own website or even several of them, groups in the social networks with lots of followers, mobile application or other - join us.

In any case, you should first register on Adpump system and then indicate one or several sources of the traffic complying with simple conditions.

Then, after your sources go through our moderation, you will be able to choose offers suitable for your website or traffic from our extensive list of advertisers. Rules for an offer describe objectives to be achieved by a visitor acquired by you, i.e. the actions you will get money for.
If you find a suitable offer, you should get your personal link to it and use this link to acquire visitors from your source. There are also banners for many offers that you also can use.

That’s it! In your personal account you can see the number of users you bring, the number of those achieving the target, i.e. making necessary actions, and your profit! 

Register as publisher