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DAZN (pronounced ‘’da zone’’) is a revolutionary live sports streaming service that lets fans watch their sport, their way. Whether you watch live at home, on the go or on demand, DAZN lets you experience sport the way you always wanted. With access to the world’s best sports, you can watch your favourite teams, leagues and players for one simple, affordable price and with no long-term fixed contract. 

Featuring the widest array of live sports ever offered on one TV service, you have the ability to play, pause and rewind with no commercial interruptions and no long-term commitments. 

DAZN is available on most connected devices including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and games consoles.

ATTENTION! Social traffic (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) is PROHIBITED from now on. Blogs and personal sites are allowed.

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DAZN does NOT allow direct linking to any DAZN domain through search engines in any form
DAZN trademarks are NOT permitted in the domain or sub-domain of Search Engine ads. For example –
www.yoursite.com/DAZN is permitted
www.DAZN-yoursite.com, www.DAZN-yoursite.com or http://DAZN.sports-offers.com are prohibited
DAZN trademarks are NOT to be used in the title or body copy of Search Engine ads. For example –
DAZN Premier League matches. Sign up now to watch!
Publishers are NOT allowed to bid on the DAZN company name and/or trademarks. This includes misspellings, brand and generic terms (e.g. DAZN streaming), the DAZN URL including variations as well as all trademarks.
A full list of restricted keywords is available upon request. All restricted terms must be added as negative keywords in all Publisher PPC campaigns for DAZN.

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  • 24/07/2023-n 17:59kor Statistics reflection issue DAZN_BR

    Dear partners,
    This is to notify you that we are experiencing a technical issue with reflecting the correct statistical data for this offer. We are working on bringing it back to normal and giving you the up-to-date figures for your camapign. Please, note that this is not a tracking issue and all of your conversions are tracked properly. 
    We will notify you once the issue is resolved.

  • 19/01/2023-n 12:05kor ATTENTION! DAZN_BR is LIVE AGAIN!

    The offer DAZN_BR  has been relaunched.

    GEO- BR

    CPS - 1.5-2.7$

    Work with a revolutionary live sports streaming service with more than 19M audience.
    The offer is available on Basic tariff by Individual request.


  • 21/10/2020-n 12:18kor Attention! DAZN ES_BR Paused!

    DAZN ES_BR has been suspended by the advertiser's request. Please, stop all the traffic ASAP.

    We will let you know, if the camapaign goes live again.

  • 13/07/2020-n 13:10kor Attention! DAZN ES_BR Live Again!

    DAZN ES_BR is live again!

    Please, return traffic to the offer!

  • 02/04/2020-n 18:54kor Attention! DAZN_US, ES, BR Suspended!

    DAZN campaigns have been suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.

    Please, remove all the traffic ASAP.

    We will let you know, when it goes live again!

  • 24/01/2020-n 11:05kor Attention! New promotion and special banners for DAZN!

    New promotion for DAZN_US devoted to the event on 30th Jan.

    Join and earn!

  • 23/01/2020-n 16:12kor Attention! New banners in DAZN US_ES_BR!

    New banners have been added for the DAZN campaigns. Make sure to start using them in promotion ASAP!

    Join and earn now!

  • 25/11/2019-n 13:03kor Attention! New Banners in DAZN US_ES_BR

    Check out new Englush and Spanish banners for the upcoming event on 7 December.

    Join now and earn even more!

  • 05/11/2019-n 10:44kor Attention! New Banners in DAZN_US!

    Check out new banners for the DAZN_US campaign made for the huge upcoming boxing event - KSI vs Logan Paul! 

    The event takes place on November 9.

    Make sure to use new banners during this period and earn more! 

  • 13/09/2019-n 12:48kor Attention! Special Occasion New Promotions & Banners for DAZN US_ES!

    Come and check out new promotions and banners* for the special occasion of one of the most important boxing events - MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND!

    One of the greatest events in the boxing calendar A.K.A. wonderful possibility to have more conversions! 

    Enjoy and earn even more!

    *use according to your GEO

  • 25/03/2019-n 16:38kor Attention! Conditions change in "DAZN US_ES".

    Payout for paid subscription for US up to 23$.
    Details in program.
    Join and earn more!

  • 07/03/2019-n 14:58kor Attention! Improvement of conditions in "DAZN" program!

    You can promote the program in Spain from today on.

    Reward for active paid subscription makes up to 6.4 €.
    Join and earn more!

  • 29/10/2018-n 16:39kor Attention! New program "DAZN US" is launched!

    Reward for subscription package males up to 11,5$.

    Geo: USA.

    Campaign is available on Basic tariff by individual request.

    Join and earn!

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